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Price List

Single Gate Kit - Solar, 240 Volt, Low Voltage.

Includes the following:

  • Elite Heavy Duty 24 volt DC swing drive unit.
  • Heavy duty locking system (single gates only - double gates optional).
  • 2 x remote controls.
  • Automatic gate close with adjustable gate close delay.
  • Auto/Open switch to keep gate open or allow gate to automatically close.
  • Obstacle safety detection to stop gate if an obstacle is in path of gate.
  • Weatherproof, ant, spider and pest control box to house control circuit, batteries, regulators etc.
  • 20 watt solar panel and bracket.
  • 2 x 12 volt batteries and charging regulator.

$1,548.00 (GST Included)

Double Gate Kits -  Solar, 240 Volt, Low Voltage.
Same as above plus additional gate drive unit and cable.

$1,988.00 (GST Included)


Optional Extras: (all prices include GST)

  • Additional remote control transmitter. $60.00
  • Hard wired visitor entry button with cable for gate post. $28.00
  • Wireless visitor entry button. $98.00
  • 1 x Wireless digital keypad with PIN for visitor entry $180.00
  • 2 x Wireless digital keypads with PIN for visitor entry $285.00
  • Powder coated metal cover for visitor buttons and digital keypad. $36.00
  • Matching powder coated steel post for keypad or wireless visitor entry button. $69.00
  • Photo Electric Sensor - To stop gate closing on vehicle. $195.00
  • Remote controlled "Gate Lock" (All visitor buttons and remotes are disabled) $60.00
  • Remote controlled "Stay Open" (Gate opens and stays open when button is pressed). $60.00
  • Gate Alarm - WIPS 433MHz <400mt. (1 Transmitter & 1 alarm) $298.00
  • Gate Alarm - Over 400mt. use GSM Multi channel.
  • Additional WIPS 433MHz Alarm Receiver. $210.00
  • Gate control - WIPS 433Mhz <400mt. $315.00
  • Gate control - Over 400mt. use GSM Multi channel.
  • Vehicle Loop - Single loop controller/ loop/ conduit etc. $415.00
  • Vehicle Loop - Double loop controller/ loop/ conduit etc. $624.00
  • GSM Single channel to open gate using landline or mobile phone. $422.00
  • GSM Multi Channel will Open/Lock or Stayopen gate using mobile phone. $685.00
  • Timer to Open and Close gate. $168.00
  • Flashing light to warn gate closing, gate locked etc. $52.00
  • LDR Sensor and and Harness, to turn lights on at night $53.00
  • LED light to light up gate at night (requires LDR sensor) $63.00

Gate openers can be professionally installed by Solartronics. (Depending on location)


All kits customised to your requirements.

Full range of spares available with phone support.

2 Year Warranty.

Prices are subject to change without notice.