Automatic Gate Controllers

Solar powered low voltage 24 volt DC system privides 24 hour, year round access.

Two remote control transmitters with each kit allows operation of gate from your vehicle.

Each Gate Kit Includes

• Two remote controls. (code hopping technology)
• Heavy duty, positive gate locking mechanism.
. (single gates only)
• 2 x 12 volt batteries.
• 10 watt solar panel and mounting bracket.
. (solar kits only)
• Regulator for solar panel to prevent battery
. overcharge.
• Heavy duty Elite 24volt DC swing drive unit.
. (opens/closes gate in approx 12-13 secs)
• Obstacle safety detection system. (stops gate if an object infringes opening or
. closing of gate)
• Manual control switch to leave gate open.
• Automatic gate close adjustable up to approx 120 secs.
• Receivers, control board, regulator and batteries are housed in a single
. weatherproof and insect proof enclosure.

Double Gates

• Double gate kits include an additional drive unit and control cable.


D.I.Y. Kits

• All gate controller kits come as an easy to install DIY
. kit with installation manual and phone support if
. required.
• Alternatively, SolarTronics can install your gate
. controller for you depending on location.

Solar, Low volt or 240 volt

• Gate controller kits can come as Solar powered,
. Low voltage or 240 volt powered.
• All kits have 2 batteries that will open a single
. gate 500-600 times on a fully charged set of
. batteries with no solar or 240 volt activity.

Single Gate Positive Locking System


A locking shaft driven by the drive unit engages a gate locking bracket to lock the gate when closed. The gate is then mechanically locked and can only be opened by using a remote or visitor button. (Single gates only)


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